How to Stop Teenagers from Becoming Distracted Drivers in Frisco

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Distracted Drivers Frisco TXEarning a driver’s license is a rite of passage as a teenager. Becoming a licensed driver means freedom for most adolescents and the ability to foster that independence. However, with great privilege comes great responsibility that some teens don’t take into consideration. Higher insurance rates, car accidents, distracted driving, and the maturity with getting behind a wheel are all aspects of driving that should not be overlooked. Reynolds & Reynolds Law Firm knows this and wants to keep your family safe and secure, advocating for distracted driving prevention in Frisco, Texas. When your teenager passes that open-road test and takes their first solo drive, make sure they know what matters.

Texting and driving is a topic that can not be stressed often enough. Looking down at a text for five seconds while driving equates to driving the entire length of a football field without seeing the road. There is a reason texting while driving makes a car accident 23 times more likely to occur than if the driver did not use his or her phone. That is an astounding number and one that is reduceable, if not preventable, by putting the phone away and not texting while driving. Making sure your teenager knows the danger of texting while driving is crucial to anyone who shares the road and could mean the difference between life and death.

Increased insurance rates are a guarantee when a family adds a new driver to their policy. The better the driver, though, the lower the insurance rates will become. A teenage driver without any accidents or violations will have a more affordable insurance policy than a driver who is careless and does not follow respectable laws when in control of a vehicle. Teaching teenagers how to be responsible and practical can reduce distracted drivers on the road and save money on insurance premiums.

Distracted drivers are widely influenced by cell phone usage but can also be traced back to many other factors when a teenager is driving. Talking to others in the vehicle, fiddling with the stereo, not paying attention to the road, or driving under the influence are all factors that can by themselves or in combination contribute to distracted driving. Not only would your teenager be a danger to themselves, but they are creating a potential for severe damage to those around them. By educating our teenagers, whether they are behind the wheel or a passenger in the car, that distractions while driving have substantial grounds for avoidance, the roads will be a safer place for drivers of all ages.

A teenager only passes their driving test when the teacher sees them as fit to get behind a wheel. It is a parent’s responsibility, though, to make sure that their child is aware of the consequences of driving distractedly. Your car, your insurance policy, and especially your teen or other drivers should not have to suffer because of an accident that could have been prevented. For more information or if someone you know has been injured as a result of distracted driving in Frisco, Texas, contact Reynolds & Reynolds Law Firm at 214-891-6606.

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