Getting Accident Compensation from a Driver with SR22 Insurance

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Accident Compensation Frisco TXIn the unfortunate event of a traffic accident, insurance companies provide several types of accident compensation. What if the person that hits you has SR22 insurance? Will you get full accident compensation for damages?

Many drivers have not even heard of SR22 documentation. Drivers involved in excess amounts of traffic infractions or dangerous driving situations may be required by the court to obtain SR22 certification on their policies.

The SR22 is not a form of insurance but rather a document that certifies a driver has purchased a specific amount of liability insurance coverage. For safe drivers that maintain regular payments on their auto insurance, an SR22 would be unnecessary. However, for drivers who do not pay for insurance or who drive recklessly, an SR22 certificate may be ordered by the courts.

What is an SR22?

An SR22 certificate of insurance also referred to as a “financial responsibility filing,” is a document that most DMV offices require of insurance policies for high-risk drivers. The certificate is filed by the insurance company with the DMV. The document certifies that the high-risk driver’s auto insurance policy includes the coverage amount required by law.

Who Files the SR22 with the Department of Motor Vehicles?

The insurance company providing the SR22 liability certification reports the information to the DMV and files the form. The responsibility lies with the insurance company to ensure that any missed payments or policy cancellations are reported to the DMV as well. Should the policy be canceled, the license would be taken from the driver.

Is an SR22 Certification Document Difficult to Obtain?

Obtaining SR22 documentation is not necessarily difficult. However, not all insurance companies offer this service. The certification costs can vary from one insurance company to the next. The driver’s record and credit will be verified when he or she submits the application for this type of coverage. The results of the verification will have an impact on the fees the driver is charged.

Why is SR22 Coverage Necessary?

This type of insurance and the process of filing it with the DMV allows the state to track drivers who have a poor driving record. This record could include excess speeding infractions, driving dangerously, driving under the influence, and other grave driving offenses. Insured drivers who are required by the courts to have SR22 documentation simply need to add the certification to their policy. Uninsured drivers would be required to purchase auto insurance along with SR22 certification. The documentation is an extra step to make sure high-risk drivers have liability coverage.

Someone with SR22 Documentation Hit Me. Is Accident Compensation Available?

In short, yes. SR22 documentation ensures that a high-risk driver has the liability coverage required by law should they get into another accident.  Auto insurance is based on the individual driving situations of each policy owner. Policy owners are responsible for making all payments on a policy to avoid any risk of the coverage being canceled.  However, should the policy owner miss a payment, the insurance company will inform the DMV, and their driver’s license would be revoked.

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