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Auto Accident Attorney Frisco TXIn an auto accident, it is vital to prove who was liable. It might seem obvious to witnesses and victims, but proving liability can be complicated for insurance companies. By supporting your side with evidence, you can build a stronger case with your insurer.

The following can help you build your case in determining fault.

Police Reports

A police report is an essential evidentiary document for you to present to your insurance company. Police officers do not always attend to an auto accident. If they do, they will write and file an official report about the incident. Police typically get involved in auto accidents that result in an injury of one of the parties involved. If you are involved in an auto accident where a police officer is in attendance, be sure to request a copy of the report. If the police do not show up the scene of the accident, go to the closest police station and file a report.

Investigators may further review the circumstances of the accident, so be sure to request a copy of any other reports they may file. If there are any errors in the police reports you receive, they can be corrected. Amendments can be made to incorrect facts such as insurance and vehicle information. Errors in amending fault determination can be more challenging to adjust. You will have to contact the police department to determine the right procedure for correcting a mistake in fault determination. While your statement may merely be added to the accident report, if there is an error in fault determination on the police report about your accident, you should get help from an experienced attorney.

State Traffic Laws

You can also find evidentiary support for you proving fault in your auto accident through state traffic laws. These laws are available for review at your local Department of Motor Vehicles. You can also find them online at your state government website. Once you locate the laws that pertain to your situation, you will be better able to prove your case with your insurance company. Be sure to have the exact law, word for word, when citing it to your insurance representative.

Witness Statements

Some parties will make statements against their interest admitting fault or describing what they were doing leading up to the collision. By documenting these statements you can preserve these often reliable and admissible statements to support liability against the defendant. Also, it is helpful to document eyewitness statements and their contact information for later use in demonstrating fault.

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