Common Causes of a Commercial Truck Accident in Frisco

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Truck Accident Frisco TXCommercial truck accidents can be disastrous and result in severe injuries and fatalities. A variety of circumstances can cause these devastating events. By understanding how these accidents happen, it’s possible to find solutions to prevent them. The following list outlines the most common causes of commercial truck accidents.

Driver Error
Just like any driver, truck drivers make errors while they are in control of commercial trucks. They can become drowsy from being overworked, drive while under the influence of drugs and alcohol, be distracted by devices or merely become reckless. To prevent accidents due to driver error, truck drivers should keep a safe distance from other vehicles on the road, demonstrate patience with slower drivers around them and indicate turns through the use of proper signaling.

Poor Truck Maintenance
Trucks are huge vehicles that move at high speeds. If not well-maintained they can quickly become a significant risk on the road. Truck drivers must keep their vehicles in optimal operating order; having them inspected regularly for problems and making the needed repairs promptly. All parts of the truck should be examined including the brakes, lights, reflectors, safety equipment and tires. A truck driver can be liable should an accident occur due to poor maintenance.

Improper Loading
An improperly loaded truck can become unbalanced. An imbalanced load can cause a truck to tip or skid. Loads that are not adequately secured can also fall off the vehicle and into any nearby traffic. Overloaded trucks can influence the steering and performance of the vehicle which could lead to a devastating accident. All loads should be appropriately placed and secured onto a commercial vehicle to prevent unnecessary accidents.

Inclement Weather
Inclement weather conditions can create problems for a truck driver who is not adequately trained to drive in specific weather conditions. Precipitation in all of its forms can make everyday driving difficult, let alone commercial truck driving. Rain, ice, and snow can make slowing down and stopping a commercial vehicle much more difficult. Truck drivers should be trained to operate their vehicle in all weather conditions. They should know to vary speed levels based on the weather conditions and how to correctly apply brakes to prevent situations that force their truck to hydroplane, jackknife or skid.

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