How Insurance Adjusters Determine Accident Compensation in Frisco Tx

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Accident Compensation Frisco TXIf you have been hurt in an accident and are seeking compensation for your injuries, you will most likely have to deal with an insurance company. The level of medical care you receive could be directly related to the settlement you receive. This fact makes it essential for you to understand what an insurance adjuster does and how they determine your compensation.

The Adjuster

An insurance adjuster investigates cases, analyzes the facts and determines the compensation they will offer. These people work for the insurance companies, not the people who have been in the accident. Their job is to keep costs as low as possible so that insurance companies can keep more of their profits. While adjusters want to keep costs low, they also want to avoid lawsuits. In civil suits, a jury determines the damages, not the adjuster. There are generally expensive legal fees also associated with taking a civil suit to trial. Many adjusters will determine the amount of compensation to be paid and then offer a discounted amount to have room to negotiate during settlement discussions.

Determining the Compensation Offer

In accident cases involving personal injury, adjusters consider several factors to determine the appropriate amount of damages to be offered. While some of these factors are simple to calculate, others are more subjective. These include but are not limited to:

  • Bills and costs incurred from the injury
  • Incomes lost from not working
  • Damages from suffering and pain
  • Damages from emotional distress
Other Factors to Consider

There are two other important factors that insurance adjusters take into account when determining a compensation offer: the limits of the policy and the strength of the case. The insurance company will only pay what the policy outlines explicitly. For example, the maximum amount that would be paid out from a $100,000 policy would be $100,000 including damages. If your case is strong and you have evidence to support your claim, the insurance company is more likely to offer a higher settlement amount rather than have the case go to court. If your case is weak, you may be offered a much smaller amount as the insurance company would understand that you could go to trial and end up receiving no compensation whatsoever.

Dealing with an Adjuster

Now that you understand the role of the adjuster to the insurance company you can better understand your situation. Your best bet is to hire an experienced attorney to help you through the process. Your attorney will have the necessary skills to negotiate the best possible settlement. Be sure to keep track of your evidence of fault and your injuries. Medical records, bills, photographs, and journals will help in supporting your case.

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