Texas Watch: #SafeRoads Campaign

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Every single Texan has the right to feel safe while on the road. However, if the Texas Legislature passes Texas HB19, that peace of mind could be gone in a flash. Over the past month or so, we have made efforts to educate the public on this new legislation and its dangers for drivers in our state. When searching for resources to share, we came across the #SafeRoads campaign from Texas Watch. We feel compelled to share the opportunities it creates for both concerned Texans and victims. 

What is HB19?

Texas HB19 is a bill that removes many of the incentives that encourage trucking companies to follow safety measures. If HB19 passes, there will be not only more unqualified drivers driving massive, dangerous semi-trucks on our roads but also more trucks that are more likely to malfunction. HB-19 will also make it harder to punish companies when they or their drivers violate safety measures.

The #SafeRoads Campaign

Texas Watch created the #SafeRoads campaign to help truck accident victims share their stories with state legislators and the general public to show the need for safety reforms in the trucking industry. The #SafeRoads webpage gives Texans the ability to comment on the bill, send messages to their state representatives, and read stories about the effects that truck accidents have on victims and their families. 


In addition to fighting the passage of HB19, the #SafeRoads campaign also strives to promote legislation that will ensure every Texan has the right to safe repairs after a car accident. For far too long, insurance companies have been allowed to encourage body shops to cut corners when repairing vehicles. These shoddy repairs put everyone on the road at risk. Texas Watch is also encouraging Texans to support HB1793, a bill that will end the predatory insurance tactic known as “swooping and settling.”


Say NO to HB19 and Support #SafeRoads in Texas

Reynolds & Reynolds has seen the devastation that Texas auto and trucking accidents bring to individuals and their families. Please, visit the #SafeRoads page on TexasWatch.org to let your local representatives know how you feel about HB19 and learn more about the impact this bill would have on you and your fellow Texans.