Car Accidents with Government Employees: What to Do

Reynolds and Reynolds Law Firm
The fault-based car accidents insurance law states that whoever is at fault for causing a wreck is responsible for the payment of damages. However, if a government employee or vehicle is involved, the process can get more complicated. Reynolds and Reynolds are here to tell you what to do if you’re involved in this kind of situation. 

What Classifies as a Government Vehicle

A government vehicle is any vehicle that’s owned by the state, federal, county, or city government. This includes vehicles like mail trucks, police cars, ambulances, garbage trucks, and a few more. A government vehicle could also be a normal, unmarked car or truck that an employee is utilizing for government job-related tasks. 

What to Do After the Collision

The first thing you should do after a wreck with a government employee begins recording information and call the police. Legally, you’re required to call the police if personal or fatal injuries have occurred. Another requirement is if there is over $1,000 worth of property damage. Make sure you collect contact information from the employee as well and do NOT admit fault for the collision. 

When the police arrive, you need to give them the story from your point of view. Without this, the government employee’s version will be the only facts recorded and filed. A police report will be filed with the essential facts given. Make sure you take pictures of the collision scene before you leave, if possible. The police report and images can be used for your insurance claim later. Next, you need to go to the hospital for immediate care because the government agency’s insurance company will want to see what injuries you were treated for very quickly.

Filing a Claim

Filing a claim for a wreck with a government employee has different requirements, deadlines, and rules than a regular collision. You should contact an expert like those at Reynolds and Reynolds Law Firm in Frisco and Dallas, Texas, quickly before you begin the process so we can help you. We know the rules inside and out, so we are more than equipped to help you with the process.


We will help make sure filing a claim is done quickly and properly, so you receive as much of the benefit as possible. Contact us today if you’ve been involved in any car accidents with a government employee! Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook for more information.