Driving on Icy Roads in Texas

As the weather changes in Texas to winter conditions, we want to inform you how to handle a car accident because of ice. We don’t incur ice very often here in north Texas, but you should be prepared when you do. We’re going to walk through driving on icy roads in Texas and the logistics of car accidents that happen “because of icy roads.”

Ice is Not a Defense for an Accident

As reasonable as it sounds to blame ice on the road for you sliding into another car, ice cannot be your defense. When the weather is below freezing and precipitation is present, there’s a good possibility of ice on the roads. Therefore, anyone who drives in these conditions should drive reasonably. If you are involved in a wreck, and you caused it, blaming the icy roads won’t work. It becomes a situation of negligent driving. 

What is Negligent Driving?

In Texas, negligent driving is made up of three conditions including:

  • A duty to a person (the duty to be a careful, safe driver);
  • A breach of that duty (driving too fast, getting distracted, etc.); and
  • That breach causing damages to another person (property damage, injuries, or death caused by a car accident).

When someone breaches these conditions, such as colliding with another vehicle, they may be liable for the damages they caused. Those damages can include physical or monetary damages. You can take precautions when the roads are icy, and we’ll go through those next.

How to Be Safe on Icy Roads

If you can avoid driving when roads are icy, you need to do so. That is the best preventive action you can take when the weather outside is terrible. Additionally, it would help to stay up to date on the road conditions through local news or drivetexas.org. If you cannot avoid driving when it’s icy, drive below the speed limit. Also, remove any possible distractions such as your phone, and avoid hills, bridges, and low spots if you can. 


If you are involved in a car accident during icy road conditions, contact the experts at Reynolds & Reynolds Law Firm in Frisco, Texas. If you were hit by someone else, the other driver might be liable for negligently driving. We can help you through the details of your accident, so contact us! We can meet to discuss the accident report and any other information from the accident to help you work through your options.