Questions to Ask When You’re Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer


Experiencing a serious injury can lead to changes in your daily schedule, missed work, and the burden of costly medical bills. If you’re navigating a personal injury claim, seeking assistance from a legal professional is essential. When selecting an attorney to handle your case, it’s crucial to consider how they charge, what type of agreement they offer, the potential costs involved, and the ramifications if your case doesn’t succeed.

As you hire a personal injury attorney for your case, the following questions can guide you in obtaining the necessary information:

  1. Do you specialize in handling these types of personal injury cases? Arrange a consultation with the law firm to assess their track record in similar cases. Discuss the experience and outcomes achieved by their team of attorneys.
  2. What is the contingency fee structure for my case? Most personal injury cases operate on a contingency fee basis, meaning you won’t owe any fees unless your attorney secures a monetary settlement for you. The contingency fee typically ranges between 25 to 40 percent of the total amount recovered.
  3. Will I be liable for any fees if we lose the case? In addition to the contingency fee, attorneys may charge advance costs, which are usually deducted from any winnings. Ensure clarity on your financial obligations in the event of an unsuccessful outcome.
  4. How do you evaluate the worth of my case? While it’s speculative for an attorney to determine the exact value of your case, they can provide a general overview of potential damages and how they apply to your situation. Your attorney can outline potential outcomes based on liability factors, medical details, and case specifics.

If you’re contemplating a personal injury claim, the expertise of a qualified attorney is indispensable. They’ll assess your claim, safeguard your legal rights, provide guidance, and alleviate the stress associated with the process, allowing you to focus on recovery.

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