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Bodily Injury Claim Frisco TX

How Do Bodily Injury Claims and Workers’ Compensation Work in Texas?

Reynolds and Reynolds Law Firm
Workers’ compensation coverage enables employees who get injured while working to receive the medical attention they need with a bodily injury claim. It also provides a source of disability income for an employee who is injured while performing their duties at work and cannot continue to work during extended recovery. While most other states throughout the country make workers’ compensation...
Personal Injury Attorney Frisco TX

Questions to Ask When You’re Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney

Reynolds and Reynolds Law Firm
Experiencing a serious injury can force you to change your daily schedule, miss work and pay out costly medical bills. If you are in the middle of a personal injury claim, you need help from a legal professional. When choosing an attorney to help you with your situation, you’ll probably want to consider how they are paid, what type of...
Medical Malpractice Cases Frisco TX

What is Medical Malpractice and What are Common Cases?

Reynolds and Reynolds Law Firm
Medical malpractice is when a health care provider, due to negligence or omission, causes harm, injury or death to a patient. Mistakes do happen, but medical malpractice goes beyond just a simple mistake. The level of care must fall below the accepted medical standard and cause direct harm to be considered medical malpractice. Bed sores on a nursing home patient is a common example...
Accident attorney Frisco TX

Getting Accident Compensation from a Driver with SR22 Insurance

Reynolds and Reynolds Law Firm
In the unfortunate event of a traffic accident, insurance companies provide several types of accident compensation. What if the person that hits you has SR22 insurance? Will you get full accident compensation for damages? Many drivers have not even heard of SR22 documentation. Drivers involved in excess amounts of traffic infractions or dangerous driving situations may be required by the...
Dog Bite Attorney Frisco TX

Get Advice From A Dog Bite Attorney On Whether You Can Sue

Reynolds and Reynolds Law Firm
While dogs may be known as man’s best friend, they are animals, and as such, can act aggressively without warning. If you have experienced a dog bite, it’s important to get compassionate and knowledgeable legal assistance from a dog bite attorney. Requirements for Filing a Dog Bite Claim It is crucial that you understand your rights in a dog bite...
Distracted Drivers Frisco TX

How to Stop Teenagers from Becoming Distracted Drivers in Frisco

Reynolds and Reynolds Law Firm
Earning a driver’s license is a rite of passage as a teenager. Becoming a licensed driver means freedom for most adolescents and the ability to foster that independence. However, with great privilege comes great responsibility that some teens don’t take into consideration. Higher insurance rates, car accidents, distracted driving, and the maturity with getting behind a wheel are all aspects of...
Personal Injury Attorney Frisco TX

Two Reasons That You Need a Personal Injury Attorney

Reynolds and Reynolds Law Firm
Life is messy, no matter how hard we try to make the right choices. Lawsuits can be particularly messy, and deciding whether or not to sue is a huge decision for all parties involved. Whether or not you would like to sue, sometimes the best option in a situation is to move forward in a lawsuit. Finding a personal injury...
Distracted Driving Prevention Frisco TX

Distracted Driving Awareness and Prevention in Frisco, TX

Reynolds and Reynolds Law Firm
Vehicle crashes can happen quickly and there might not be much, if anything, you can do to avoid being struck by another vehicle. There are, however, things you can do to protect the ones you love. Simply by doing your part by refraining from distracted driving and actively and continually encouraging friends and family to do the same. Being proactive on your...
auto accident lawyer frisco tx

Don’t Drive Sleep Deprived

Debra Reynolds
As we plan and prepare for holiday travel, drivers would benefit from putting a good, restful night’s sleep at the top of their to-do list for safe holiday travel. Sleep requirements are as important as no texting while driving and no drinking while driving. This is particularly scary for those with high school and college age children who stay up...

Breaking News from CBS on EpiPen revenue

Debra Reynolds
Mylan CEO faces backlash over skyrocketing pricing for the EpiPen.  Estimated to bring in over $1.1 billion in revenue, marketing costs are only estimated at $85 million. Read the full story at :