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Car and truck accidents can have serious consequences, including life-changing injuries, loss of work capacity, loss of income, and overwhelming hospital and doctor bills. Auto collisions, more times than not, will occur suddenly and without warning. While in your routine, you become the victim of someone else’s carelessness. Your life is turned upside down, and activities, routines, and responsibilities that you used to do can no longer be accomplished or done as well.

Auto insurance companies typically instruct their policyholder to be prepared for the possibility of a car accident. The Auto Insurance Company recommendations list includes:

  • Protective bag for auto insurance documents/cards
  • Your insurance card
  • Vehicle registration information
  • Index card with a list of emergency contacts (this can also be stored on your cell phone under the name “ICE” – In Case of Emergency)
  • Index card with a list of medications, allergies, or special conditions
  • Notepad and pen (smartphones have an application to take notes as well)
  • First-aid supplies or kit
  • Flashlights
  • Blankets
  • Flares
  • Jumper cables
  • Towel rags or paper towels
  • Trash bags
  • Disposable camera (or can use your cell phone if it has one)

What To Do If You Are In A Car Accident?

Seek Medical Attention First

Questions emerge about what to do first. If you are hurt, we recommend that you go to a medical physician for evaluation and care (either through an emergency room or a personal physician).

Information To Gather From The Accident

  • Other driver’s name and contact information
  • Other driver’s insurance company name, policy number, and phone number
  • Other driver’s vehicle information, including make, model, year, and license number
  • Description of damage to vehicles involved
  • Photos of vehicle (full view, damage, and license plate)
  • Witness names and contact information
  • Statements of the other driver and witnesses, especially if volunteered descriptions on how the collision occurred.

Consult an Experienced Car and Truck Accident and Personal Injury Attorney

Call to speak with one of the attorneys at The Law Offices of Reynolds & Reynolds, PLLC at 214-891-6606 for a free initial attorney consultation. Our Frisco-based offices serve our local community as well as Allen, McKinney, Little Elm, Lewisville, Plano, Denton, Dallas, and throughout North Texas.

If this is your first collision, your first concern might be about medical expenses and your loss of wages or work income. However, in Texas, negligent drivers may also be liable for additional damages, including disfigurement, loss of consortium, loss of household services, physical impairment, and physical pain and mental anguish. Additional questions concerning your personal injury include: how will the extent of your damages be determined, what potential defendants are liable and what liability insurance companies have a duty to cover the damages. The Law Offices of Reynolds & Reynolds, PLLC in Frisco and Dallas, Texas, offer a free initial attorney consultation to answer these questions. If you retain the firm of Reynolds & Reynolds, you will have the benefit of two attorneys on your case and will be able to reach either one for questions or counsel. We have helped persons of all ages, from infants to the elderly, who have experienced serious injuries or wrongful death of loved ones.

Protect Yourself and Your Rights

Challenges after an auto collision concern dealing with insurance companies, handling extensive paperwork, and trying to get a fair settlement for your losses. Most individuals are not equipped to deal with these details and can easily be taken advantage of by insurance companies who want to give you as little as possible. Remember, the insurance companies have experienced auto accident attorneys working for them. That is why retaining the professional legal help of an experienced and focused commercial car accident lawyer is your best protection.

Expertise on Your Side

To help with your serious or catastrophic injuries from a motor vehicle collision, you need to work with a law firm that focuses on personal injury law and has decades of experience with car accident cases. We know how to get you the full value or maximum compensation available. During this time, your attorney should treat you with compassion and understanding. The attorneys at Reynolds & Reynolds are experienced in the investigation, preparation, and trial of a wide variety of personal injury and wrongful death claims arising out of driver negligence – leading to serious and fatal car accidents.

Recovering Damages

Damages that an auto accident victim and the victim’s family are entitled to recover may include:

  • hospital and medical expenses
  • past and future lost earnings
  • past and future permanent physical disability, such as loss of hearing or sight, limp or abnormal gait, scars, loss of a limb
  • emotional distress, such as depression and anxiety
  • grief and emotional suffering caused by the death of a loved one
  • loss of love and companionship caused by the injury or death of a loved one
  • past and future physical pain and suffering
  • loss of enjoyment of life

Our firm will fight for Texas auto accident victims to recover money damages for medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering, and other damages. Whether you have suffered a neck or back injury requiring surgery, fractures, traumatic brain injury, wrongful death of a family member, or other serious harm, the Law Offices of Reynolds & Reynolds, PLLC will work hard to help you put the pieces of your life back together. As your dedicated legal team, we would fight for maximum recovery after a serious or fatal car accident, and invite you to contact us for a free consultation. There will be no attorneys’ fees for you to pay unless we obtain financial compensation for you.