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Nursing Home Abuse Frisco TX

What Constitutes Nursing Home Abuse and When to File a Lawsuit

Reynolds and Reynolds Law Firm
Deciding to move a relative to a nursing home can be an emotional experience. You may find yourself feeling anxious about entrusting the health, safety and wellbeing of your loved one to someone else. Additionally, you have to factor in the high costs of the round-the-clock treatment and supervision that most nursing homes promise to their residents. When your loved...
Pain and Suffering Frisco TX

Calculating Pain and Suffering Damages in Frisco TX

Reynolds and Reynolds Law Firm
If you are working to file a personal injury claim, you probably have multiple questions regarding the legal process, as well as the potential outcome of your case. One of the most common questions claimants have about personal injury suits relates to how much compensation they will receive. Since each situation is different, there is no single answer to this question. Cases...
Premises Liability Frisco TX

Do You Have a Premises Liability Case?

Reynolds and Reynolds Law Firm
Premises liability cases fall into negligence or personal injury law and include injuries that result from a hazardous condition or activity on the premises. In most cases, this law favors the property owner and requires that the victim or injured person prove that the event or condition that caused the bodily injury was dangerous and not open and obvious. Moreover,...
Slip And Fall Lawsuit Frisco TX

5 Things to Do After Injury for a Slip and Fall Lawsuit

Reynolds and Reynolds Law Firm
Most people will suffer from a slip and fall accident at some point in their life. Sometimes, a slip and fall is the result of negligence or oversight by another party. It is essential to know what to do immediately afterward to aid a potential slip and fall lawsuit in Frisco, TX. Accidents can happen to anyone, anywhere. Here are...
Brain Injury Lawyers Frisco TX

Accidents and Brain Injury: What to Consider Legally

Reynolds and Reynolds Law Firm
Brain injuries affect millions of victims across the United States each year, both physically and financially. They can rob victims of their senses, abilities, and quality of life. They can take away a victim’s ability to earn income. Lastly, they can saddle families with millions of dollars in medical debt. If you have experienced brain damage and think you have...
Wrongful Death TX

Six Facts You Need to Know About Wrongful Death Cases in Texas

Reynolds and Reynolds Law Firm
If you have lost a loved one because of a corporation or individual’s negligence, you may be considering possible legal action through a wrongful death case. At Reynolds & Reynolds, we take wrongful death cases because we understand how important it is to hold those responsible accountable for their actions. Before embarking on this legal journey, we want to ensure...
Personal Injury Attorney Frisco TX

5 Steps in the Personal Injury Case Process with an Attorney

Reynolds and Reynolds Law Firm
If you’ve suffered an injury due to the negligence of someone else, it’s okay to feel the need to relieve your financial suffering with the help of a personal injury attorney in Frisco, Texas. There are several steps in the process from the time the injury occurs to when a case is finalized. Here are five steps to prepare for in...
Malpractice Cases Frisco TX

When Refusal of Care Results in Injury or Harm

Reynolds and Reynolds Law Firm
Seeking medical care should help you, not hurt you. If you have been denied medical care and suffered serious illness or disability, you may or may not be in a position to sue your doctor or hospital. Before taking any further steps, seeking a professional and experienced attorney will help your case considerably. When it comes to malpractice cases in...
Personal Injury Law Frisco TX

Top Tips on Avoiding Personal Injury Over the Holiday Season

Reynolds and Reynolds Law Firm
It’s the most wonderful time of the year… and the most dangerous. The holiday season brings peace, love, joy, and a hectic schedule. This frenetic holiday energy often puts us in more of a rush to get everything on our lists accomplished, making us less careful.  In December 2015 there were over 14,000 hospital-treated injuries related to holiday decorations alone.  Avoiding...
Medical Malpractice Frisco TX

Tips to Avoid Becoming a Victim of Medical Malpractice

Reynolds and Reynolds Law Firm
Medical malpractice claims are filed on behalf of a patient who has suffered an injury of some sort as the result of the carelessness of a physician, and all physicians have some form of medical malpractice insurance to protect themselves.  So how can you protect yourself from a negligent doctor?  First, you need to understand how a malpractice suit works....