Worst Rated Midsize SUVs for Frisco Drivers

Debra Reynolds

IWorst Rated SUVs for Frisco Driversn recent history, SUVs have become the new minivan for families. With this new trend in purchase behavior, soccer moms (and football dads) are showing an increased concern about the safety ratings of these new midsize SUVs. The following data provides information on 4 midsize SUVs you should avoid, especially if you are driving in the Frisco area.

Dodge Journey

Every year, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) performs crash testing and rates cars based on how well they perform in the tests. This year, one vehicle received the worst possible rating by the IIHS: the Dodge Journey. The Dodge Journey was given the lowest rating of “poor” as its overall score in the small overlap front crash. This type of crash simulates what would happen when the vehicle strikes a pole or another vehicle on the driver side of your vehicle.

The Dodge Journey scored poorly on this test mainly because of its structural integrity. The IIHS reports that the passenger compartment buckled upon impact. Also in the report, the Journey’s instrument panel and parking brake were pushed back nearly 9 inches. This model of the Dodge Journey was introduced in 2009, and while Dodge’s updated car designs fared better in crash testing, the older body model of the Journey did not perform as well due to its outdated design.

The Little Three: Jeep Cherokee, Dodge Durango & Hyundai Santa Fe

The Dodge Journey was not the only vehicle that did not perform well in the small overlap crash test. The Jeep Cherokee, Dodge Durango and the Hyundai Santa Fe all received a rating of “marginal”, the second lowest rating a vehicle can get.

The Durango, just like the Journey, was also cursed with poor structural design. In the Durango’s crash test, the driver side space buckled, with the service and parking brake pedals intruding nearly 9 inches into the car.

The Jeep Cherokee’s driver cabin caved. A crash of this type would cause injuries to the left knee and lower left leg. The pedals intruded into the driver’s side lower interior by 8 inches—so did the instrument panel! In the Jeep Cherokee, the head of the crash test dummy had very little contact with the front airbag, which could leave the head vulnerable to contacting the forward side structure.

The Hyundai Santa Fe was also plagued by a poorly structured driver side cabin.  In its crash test, intrusion from the lower area of the car measured as much as 10 inches! Just like the Jeep Cherokee, the Santa Fe’s dummy in the crash test had little contact with the air bag, and this left the dummy’s head more vulnerable to contact with the forward structure of the car. Also, the steering column in the Santa Fe was pushed back 3 inches into the car.

What Does This Mean For You?

Your family’s safety is your first and main priority. In the event of a collision where someone hits you on the driver’s side, you want to be sure that you’re secured. Unfortunately, these vehicles performed poorly in the small front overlap crash test. Even if safety features are not on the top of your list when looking to buy a new vehicle, we recommend performing research on the crash-worthiness of any vehicle you or your loved ones are considering before purchasing.