The Pros and Cons of GPS Systems

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Distracted Drivers Frisco TXCars today come equipped with more technology than ever. GPS devices, whether they are installed in your vehicle, bought at a store, or downloaded on your phone, all have the power to direct us where to go. While they may give us the fastest route from A to B, they may also provide us with the most dangerous one. There are pros and cons to using a GPS system in your car due to the distracted drivers it may inadvertently create on Frisco, Texas roads. Texas laws are finally catching up to restrict dangerous electronic distractions. Whether or not you choose to use one, there are three things to keep in mind when using one to get to your destination.

  1. Figure out the logistics before you start your car. A definitive plus side to using a GPS is that you don’t need to pull over every twenty minutes and consult a map. Staying on the road for the entirety of your trip means that you can think more about your driving and less about where you should turn and when to pull over. Fiddling with a GPS, however, when you drive means that your attention is focused too much on the device and not enough on the road. Set your destination and look at the route before you begin your journey to prevent distracted driving for your safety and the safety of others on the road.
  2. Keep your device in a comfortable and safe location. GPS systems are meant to be a tool, and tools should be readily available. If your GPS is not installed in your car, keeping the device on the dashboard or another easy-to-see location allows for quick glances without losing too much sight of the road. Placing your device in a dangerous spot such as your lap or on a seat means that it will take your eyes off of the road to find the information you need on the screen. Distracted driving can be prevented if your navigation system is placed in a way that will help you, not hurt you. A GPS system that came installed in your car is often a safer option than, for example, using a map on your phone since the navigation is integrated into your dashboard and installed with safe driving in mind.
  3. Use a GPS system that is known to be safe and efficient. Sometimes the most distracted drivers come from those who try to fix their GPS navigation en route. While some GPS systems are known to take you to your destination safely and efficiently, some models that may be outdated or cheap could bring you on dangerous routes. By using a GPS that is aware of obstructions such as construction, detours, or other hazards, you can be sure that the roads you take will be safe ones. No one wants to cause harm when driving. When used correctly, a GPS can create a safer driving experience for everyone on the road. Reduce the number of distracted drivers on the road and make sure your GPS system is a tool, not a hazard.

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