The Differences Between Nursing Neglect and Abuse

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Medical Malpractice Frisco TXWhen you or a loved one needs nursing assistance, all your trust is placed in the hands of other people. We hope that the nurses in charge are both qualified and caring, but this is not always the case. Medical malpractice in Frisco, Texas, is a bigger problem than you may believe, but there are ways to determine when nursing is neglect or abuse. Especially when it comes to medical negligence, defining the problem and having evidence will help you and your loved ones get the care every patient deserves. If you are unsure of your nursing situation, look for three signs of neglect and abuse:

  • Physical. This may be the most visible form of abuse when it comes to nursing. Physical abuse may be anything ranging from rough handling and assault to lack of care when performing physical tasks. Whether or not the mistreatment leaves a bruise, scar, infection, further damage or even emotional hurt, any and all physical neglect and abuse should be documented in case you have a medical malpractice case in Frisco. Under no circumstances should nurse care put anyone in physical danger.
  • Emotional. In many cases, emotional assistance from nurses is just as important as the physical help. Nurses should be accommodating, helpful and in an environment that promotes healing. If you know of a nurse that is hostile, uncaring, unsympathetic or disconnected from their patients, this should be reported as nursing neglect. This behavior can be taken as a medical negligence case in Frisco, so keeping a record of the neglect can help you to reach a better situation. Healing can be hindered or even halted if your emotional state is unhealthy.
  • Financial. Nursing home care can be expensive, even when receiving the bare essentials. Higher levels of medical necessity or acuity of care enable a more expensive fee schedule and higher levels of reimbursement.   If your loved one has been assessed with an unexpected change in condition including both a decline or change in medical necessity or potential benefit for service he or she was receiving, you may want to investigate the potential underlying causes. Corporate practice of nursing home care can become a form of medical malpractice when care is being determined based on financial reasons, you should report medical malpractice immediately. Though your loved one’s health is the most important aspect of nursing, care decision-making and necessity should not be determined by financial reasons.

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