What Constitutes Nursing Home Abuse and When to File a Lawsuit

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Nursing Home Abuse Frisco TXDeciding to move a relative to a nursing home can be an emotional experience. You may find yourself feeling anxious about entrusting the health, safety and wellbeing of your loved one to someone else. Additionally, you have to factor in the high costs of the round-the-clock treatment and supervision that most nursing homes promise to their residents. When your loved one is neglected, injured or mistreated at a nursing home facility, it not only causes frustration and anger; it reveals a break in trust on the part of the nursing home.

What Qualifies as Nursing Home Abuse?

Nursing home abuse can appear in a variety of forms, depending on the victim’s situation and the facility in which they reside. The most common example of abuse is neglect in which the nursing home staff fails to meet the nutritional and hygienic needs of their residents. Lack of sufficient staff or poor supervision can lead to falls and other accidents that may cause medical complications or even death. Finally, residents may suffer from bedsores if negligent staff members do not attend to each resident on a regular basis. Other types of abuse may occur but are usually less common than the cases that arise as a result of negligence. Residents may suffer from physical, emotional, sexual or financial abuse from staff members at their nursing home, and families members will most likely not find out until after the fact. Although nothing can reverse the effects of abuse, a law firm like Reynolds & Reynolds can help you take legal action against a nursing home to ensure that they answer for their mistakes or lack of care.

How Can I File a Lawsuit Against a Nursing Home?

With help from a personal injury lawyer, you will be able to start building a case against the nursing home where your loved one suffered abuse or neglect. The process usually begins with a thorough investigation into the facility as well as the abuse allegations in question. Generally, you will need to collect witness statements, medical records and photographic evidence before you begin filing. Your lawyer will then prepare a strategy based upon all of the information. After that, you and your attorney will file the lawsuit to present the evidence and allow for the cross-examination of witnesses. Finally, the lawsuit will be taken to trial, where a verdict will be reached.

What Should I Expect During the Trial?

If you decide to file a nursing home abuse suit on behalf of your loved one, you should be prepared to face resistance from the nursing home. Ideally, an attorney can help you settle with the facility before trial, but you must be ready to take your case all the way to court if necessary. Your lawyer will provide you with professional advice and a realistic estimation of your chances for success. In many cases, both parties reach an agreement before a case goes to trial, so be sure to consult with your attorney about all major decisions to work towards a settlement that is swift and fair.

Regardless of your situation, it’s important to consult with your attorney before you make any major decisions regarding a personal injury case. Reynolds & Reynolds Law Firm is dedicated to providing every client with exceptional customer care. If someone in your family has suffered from abuse or neglect at a nursing home or care facility, contact us today to discuss your options. Visit us online https://rrlfirm.com/ or give us a call today 214-891-6606.

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