Wrongful Death Attorney Advice in a Boating Accident Scenario

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Wrongful Death Attorney Frisco TXMuch like other forms of transportation boats can be a potentially dangerous means of travel. When you consider the fact that unlike automobiles, boats do not have seatbelts, airbags or brakes, there is potential to be even more hazardous than vehicles driven on the roads.

Unfortunately, many boating accidents are avoidable. By remaining sober, following the posted speeds and boating in safe weather, boaters can reduce if not altogether avoid accidents on the water. While boaters must be responsible for navigating their boats, they must also be mindful of the other boaters around them. Boating law necessitates that any boats that are moving must yield to boats that are stationary.

Texas Boating Regulations
Texas law regulates the responsibilities of boat owners and boaters much the same way it regulates highway vehicles. It addresses speed limits, reckless operation of a boat, boating while intoxicated, operator age, the time of day when you can drive a boat, safe speeds, the pulling of skiers, and other rules of the water for boat traffic.  There are also Texas regulations that address the duty of a boat operator to provide assistance after an accident and to file an Accident report.

Wrongful Death Claim Requirements
There are basically three components of a successful wrongful death suit including the death of a human being, a death caused by intent to harm or negligence by another person, and monetary suffering by family members due to the death.

Boating Accident Wrongful Death Investigations
Boating accidents leave no skid marks, and there is generally no clear resting spot of a boat after a crash. These factors make it difficult to determine the actual events of an accident and who is the negligent party. Due to these circumstances, a boating accident wrongful death attorney will need to interview many witnesses and spend more time and expertise in investigating the accident.

Value of Wrongful Death Claim
Several factors determine the value of a wrongful death suit. The potential damages are similar to those of a vehicle collision and include past, current and future medical expenses and income losses, as well as mental and physical pain and suffering. Often, physical injuries in vehicle collisions can be argued as pre-existing due to the forces of impact. However, these arguments are less successful in boating accident claims due to the lack of physical protection and restraints available on boats. If there are aggravating circumstances like intoxication, punitive damages can also be awarded.

Boating accident wrongful death claims should be managed by an experienced attorney. If you need the expertise of a wrongful death attorney in the Frisco TX area, call Reynolds & Reynolds Law Firm at 214-891-6606 to schedule a consultation appointment today!

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