5 Common Causes of Truck Accidents

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Of all the accidents that occur on Texas roadways, accidents involving commercial trucks are often the most tragic. In fact, in 2018 over five-thousand large trucks were involved in fatal crashes. What causes these accidents?  There are a few that many of these accidents have in common.

5 Common Causes of Commercial Truck Accidents

  1. Fatigue – Truck drivers often have strict deadlines that they must meet, which, unfortunately, means they do not take enough time to sleep. Many reports show that a sleep-deprived truck driver is even more dangerous than a drunk driver.
  2. Maintenance Issues – Due to the costs of maintaining a massive truck, truck drivers often overlook the regulations that require them to make sure their vehicle is in top condition. If all the parts on the truck are not functioning correctly, terrible accidents can occur.
  3. Speeding or Passing – Like fatigue, the strict deadlines truck drivers have to meet cause some to try to pass drivers at dangerous speeds. Driving at high speeds already increases the amount of time needed for a normal-sized car to stop—that number sky-rockets for a massive 18-wheeler.
  4. Distractions – Just like the average driver, truck drivers are not immune to distractions. However, getting distracted is more common when you are driving for extended periods of time. Distractions are also dramatically more dangerous when you are driving a 40-ton truck. That half-second glance at the radio can easily cost someone their life.
  5. Drugs and Alcohol – Driving while impaired is dangerous for any driver. Many truck drivers turn to dangerous amphetamines to keep themselves awake while driving. These drugs are hazardous and affect the driver’s mental awareness and judgment.

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