Say NO to HB19

HB19Did you know that Texas leads the nation in accidents involving large commercial trucks nearly every year? Texas is one of the few states that sees increases in truck accidents each year rather than decreases. In 2019, Texas led the nation with 12,523 crashes that involved large trucks. California, which had the second highest number of truck accidents in 2019, had nearly 4,000 fewer large truck accidents than Texas.


In a state where truck accidents are clearly a problem, lobbyists and lawmakers should do everything they can to bring the number of truck accidents and fatalities down. Texas legislators can impose more stringent regulations and increase safety standards to protect us, but that is not what our representatives are doing. Even worse, trucking lobbyists have begun pushing a new bill, HB19, that will endanger everyone on the roads.

What is HB19?

Texas HB19 is a bill that will give trucking companies fewer incentives to follow safety measures. This means there will be more unqualified drivers, as well as trucks that are more likely to malfunction on our roads. The bill will also make it harder to punish companies when they or their drivers violate safety regulations.

Say NO to HB19

Reynolds & Reynolds has seen the devastation that Texas truck accidents can bring to individuals and their families. We encourage everyone to say no to Texas HB19. put together a helpful form here that you can use to easily let your local representatives know you feel about HB19.  Use this form to tell your lawmakers to oppose HB19 and hold trucking companies accountable for their oversights and mistakes.