Premise Liability: Inadequate Security

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Every day, all across America, innocent people are victimized by violent crimes in businesses or private buildings. In addition to their physical and emotional trauma, these victims often have costly medical bills and other expenses due to their injuries. While holding the criminals accountable is essential, the injured party may also file a lawsuit to keep the property owner responsible for their negligence. This concept is a form of premises liability called inadequate security. 


What is Premises Liability?

Premises liability is a section of personal injury law that covers the bodily injury from a dangerous condition or activity on the premises. While this law typically favors the property owner, the injured party could receive compensation if they prove the following: 

  • The property owner either created or caused the dangerous event or condition due to their negligence.
  • They knew about the dangerous condition before the injury took place and did not take any action to make their property safe or warn the injured person of the danger. 

Part of making a property safe means that a property owner must ensure that it is secure, which is where inadequate security comes into play. 


What is Inadequate Security?

Inadequate security is a concept under premises liability that covers insufficient security if someone is injured on the premises or suffers property damage due to another person’s negligence on the property.

A multitude of factors can cause inadequate security, including insufficient safety measures or monitoring systems. A few examples include:


A Lack of Functioning Security Cameras

Security cameras are an essential security measure for every business. Not only are they a great deterrent, but if a crime occurs, they are a vital part of bringing the responsible party to justice.  


A Lack of Security Personnel

It is too familiar for large buildings to have an inadequate amount of security personnel in their employ. If a large building only has two or three security guards, it makes it far too easy for criminals to commit crimes in the under-patrolled areas of the property. In addition, a lack of security puts tenants and customers at risk.


Poor Training

Hiring poorly trained guards or failing to properly train employees on the property’s safety procedures is another form of inadequate security. Poorly trained employees may fail to spot suspicious activity or know how to react when a crime occurs.


Inadequate Lighting in Parking Areas

Dark parking lots are one of the most common places that violent crimes occur. Proper lighting will act as a deterrent to criminals and allow potential victims to understand their surroundings better. Adequate lighting is also an essential aspect of preventing other accidents such as slip-and-falls. 


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