Sun-Related Car Accidents

Safe driving is always important. You should have a clear and unobstructed view, but how are you supposed to be sure of this when you can’t avoid the glare of the sun in your face? Well, first, be aware that sun glare and sun-related car accidents are very real and can be dangerous. Second, take precautions like the ones we’re about to discuss and be aware of who’s at fault in case of an accident. 


Slow Down

Driving when the sun is in your face is already difficult, and going too fast will make a wreck even more fatal if it should happen because of the sun’s glare. 

Wear Sunglasses

It would help if you always kept sunglasses with you or in your car. This way, if you are driving where the sun is unavoidable and on your face, you can wear sunglasses to reduce the intensity of the light. Choosing the correct type of sunglasses is also important.

Take Alternate Routes

If you can’t change the time of day you drive, change the direction. Look at alternate routes you can take to avoid going directly towards the sun. The sun might still be in an inconvenient place, but at least it won’t be obstructing your view. 

Who’s at Fault?

The easy answer to “who’s at fault in case of an accident?”, is the person who was “blinded by the light.” Of course, there are some exceptions and special cases, but the general consensus is that we’re expected to be aware of the risk of driving towards the sun and take responsible precautions to avoid a wreck in this situation best. 


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