What Not to Do After an Auto Accident Injury

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Woman injured and holding head with car door open and car smoking after accidentIf you’ve been in an auto accident, you know for yourself that they can be a traumatic experience. Auto accidents can cause physical, emotional, and financial damage to one or more individuals. In the unfortunate event of an auto accident injury, it is essential to act carefully. By being cautious, you can avoid making hasty decisions that could worsen the situation. Here are five things you should avoid doing after being injured in an auto accident:

1. Admitting Fault

One of the most crucial things to avoid after your auto accident injury is admitting fault or even apologizing for the accident. Even if you believe you may have caused the accident, it is important to not apologize or accept responsibility. Admitting fault may affect your chances of receiving compensation for your injuries. It is also likely that it could get used against you in court or during settlement negotiations. It is best to remain calm, and to avoid discussing the details of the accident until you have spoken with a qualified injury attorney in Frisco, TX.

2. Not Calling 911

After an auto accident, it is vital to seek medical attention immediately. If you or someone else involved in the accident is injured, call 911 for emergency medical services. As discussed in a previous blog, you are required to call 911 if the crash involves injury, death, or property damage to a vehicle. Delaying medical attention can cause worsened injuries or even death. Calling the police to the accident scene additionally is essential, as they can document the accident and gather evidence, which will build a stronger case for your injury claim.

3. Speaking to Other Drivers’ Insurance Without a Lawyer

One common mistake made by injured individuals is speaking to the other drivers’ insurance company without a lawyer. This is detrimental and weakens your injury claim and could affect your compensation. Trained insurance adjusters will minimize the amount of compensation paid to an injured party, and anything you say to them may be used against you in court. It is crucial for you to always have backup. Contact a qualified injury attorney at Reynolds & Reynolds before speaking to the other drivers’ insurance. Our lawyers can advise you on how to handle insurance adjusters and ensure they protect your legal rights.

4. Declining to Hire a Lawyer

Sometimes, it may tempt individuals to represent themselves in an injury claim to save money on legal fees. However, this is a mistake. In the long run, you will actually save money and time by hiring a professional. To complicate injury claims, insurance companies have teams of lawyers working to minimize compensation paid to the injured party. Hiring one of our experienced injury attorneys can help level the playing field and ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve. Being in Frisco, TX, our team, can help you navigate the complex legal process and advocate for your rights.

5. Filing a Lawsuit on Your Own

Suing without legal representation is a risky move. It could cause a weakened case or even dismissal. Injury lawsuits require extensive knowledge of the law, and an inexperienced individual may not effectively argue their case in court. To ensure you receive the justice you deserve, it is best to consult with an injury attorney in DFW who can assess your case and determine the best course of action for you.

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