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Auto Accident Attorney Frisco TX

5 Leading Causes of Pedestrian-Involved Auto Accidents in Frisco

Reynolds and Reynolds Law Firm
Any auto accident that involves a pedestrian is difficult for all concerned, regardless of who was at fault. Fortunately, having a knowledgeable auto accident attorney in Frisco, Texas, can help ease the process. Knowing the leading causes of pedestrian-involved car accidents can also help drivers take note of their driving practices to help prevent accidents in the first place. Knowing...
Auto Accident Attorney Frisco TX

How an Auto Accident Attorney can Help After a Car Crash

Reynolds and Reynolds Law Firm
No one can plan for a car crash. They are unexpected, dangerous, and potentially life-changing. Though we can’t plan for a car accident, we can prepare for one. Knowing an auto accident attorney in Frisco, Texas can ease your mind should anything happen to you or your loved ones on the road. Having a game plan will give you the...
Car Accident attorney Frisco TX

Phone-Related Driving Laws Designed to Protect Drivers

Reynolds and Reynolds Law Firm
Several driving laws affect the way we behave behind the wheel. The majority of emerging laws and ordinances share a common focus: cell phone use. Since there are significant differences between laws from state-to-state and even county-to-county, it is critical that drivers stay aware of which laws apply where they live, work and drive. Reynolds and Reynolds Law Firm has...
Medical Malpractice Lawyer Frisco TX

How are Damages for Medical Malpractice Determined?

Reynolds and Reynolds Law Firm
Determining damages for medical malpractice can be a difficult process. Here are some key points of the process and how you can prepare for it. The damages can be split into two main categories: special and general damages. Special Damages: These are losses that are easily measurable and may include the calculation of past and future lost earnings or earning capacity, past and future medical...
CPAP Recall Frisco TX

Does my Insurance Company have a role in my Personal Injury Case?

Reynolds and Reynolds Law Firm
If you have been in an accident that resulted in an injury, whether it was a vehicle accident or a fall on someone else’s property, you need to need to submit a claim for your injuries through your insurance company. Many times insurance companies will quickly contact you after an accident in any injury. If they do not contact you...
Wrongful Death Frisco TX

3 Key Differences of Wrongful Death vs Personal Injury Claim

Reynolds and Reynolds Law Firm
When someone dies due to the fault of another person or entity, the survivors may be able to bring a wrongful death lawsuit in Frisco, Texas. Claims for personal injury and wrongful death have many similarities. In both actions, someone suffers an injury. Here are some of the key differences of a wrongful death claim: Claim brought by statutorily defined...
Sun-related Car Accidents Frisco TX

The Four Most Common Car Accident Injuries in Frisco, TX

Reynolds and Reynolds Law Firm
We never get in our car and expect to crash. However, there are almost 5.5 million car crashes in the United States every year. While an accident can be traumatic enough, the initial crash can be the tip of the problematic iceberg. More often than not, physical injuries occur with an auto accident, leaving drivers suffering for months or years after the...
Distracted Drivers Frisco TX

The Pros and Cons of GPS Systems

Reynolds and Reynolds Law Firm
Cars today come equipped with more technology than ever. GPS devices, whether they are installed in your vehicle, bought at a store, or downloaded on your phone, all have the power to direct us where to go. While they may give us the fastest route from A to B, they may also provide us with the most dangerous one. There...
injury on commercial property trucking Accident Attorney Frisco TX

Reasons To Find An attorney for a Truck VS Auto Accident

Reynolds and Reynolds Law Firm
It’s important to know how to act in different road accident situations. Generally, one important thing to remember is to have the right insurance. Your insurance can be determined by where you live. For example, if you live in a no-fault state, it doesn’t matter who caused the accident; you will still have to pay for damages. In this case,...
Bodily Injury Claim Frisco TX

How Do Bodily Injury Claims and Workers’ Compensation Work in Texas?

Reynolds and Reynolds Law Firm
Workers’ compensation coverage enables employees who get injured while working to receive the medical attention they need with a bodily injury claim. It also provides a source of disability income for an employee who is injured while performing their duties at work and cannot continue to work during extended recovery. While most other states throughout the country make workers’ compensation...